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Wouldn’t it be nice if your online marketing was more accountable, more effective and — whisper it — less stressful?

The received wisdom goes that marketing automation is for big brands with deep pockets. Don’t believe it!

Even on a shoestring budget you can reap the rewards of digital campaigns that work harder for your business, attract revenue and give you more time to do what you do best.

What is marketing automation?

Let’s get one thing clear, straight off the bat. Marketing automation doesn’t mean your online marketing gets done automatically. It’s not going to do your marketing exec out of a job.

Rather it’s software that makes it easier — a lot easier — to schedule, prioritise and execute your marketing campaigns. It helps you track how effective your campaigns are. And it allows you to gather insight on your prospects, so you can tailor your content accordingly.

The upshot is a more personalised relationship with your audience, a better opportunity to drive revenue and more time to spend on the non-marketing aspects of your business.

Why is marketing automation necessary?

A scattergun approach to online marketing doesn’t work. Let’s say you send out the same marketing emails to everyone on your list. Yes, you might get a few click-throughs. But it’s a hit-and-hope kind of strategy, isn’t it?

But when you approach your audience with content based on their interests and their relationship with your business, based on data you have gathered from automation software, you stand a far better chance of getting results.

Nurturing your audience with personalized content is at the core of marketing automation. It helps you steer new subscribers towards becoming customers and generates action and information that you can measure — driving traffic to your website, converting traffic into leads, turning leads into customers and customers into repeat purchasers.

When you know what your prospect is interested in, you can craft content that resonates.

How much does it cost?

It’s easy to see the benefits of marketing automation. Unfortunately many small businesses and startups assume it will be out of their budget. It doesn’t have to be. Any size business with any size budget can get started. And this month we are co-hosting a one-hour webinar that will show you how – step by step.

Marketing automation in action…

Let’s look at some basic examples of automated marketing emails.

The welcome email

You’ve been putting in the hard yards with your blog content recently. Your visitors like what they see and are subscribing to your newsletter as a result. The moment they sign up, your marketing automation software fires out an email thanking them for subscribing. You also offer two or three links to your most popular content. Catch them while they’re hot, hey?

The neat thing about marketing automation is that you only need to design your welcome email once. Then set a rule that instructs your software to send that email to each new subscriber. The process will continue until you ask it to stop. Set and forget.

The customer service email

A visitor to your website has a query and sends a message to your enquiries@yourbrandname email address.

A good use of marketing automation would be to set up an autoresponder for new enquiries to that email address, stating that you have received their email and notifying your prospect of when they can expect a response. It’s a simple way to show you care and make your prospect feel valued.

The birthday email

If on your newsletter signup forms you ask for your visitors’ birthdays, you can send an automated email when the big day comes with a birthday wish or — even better — vouchers for one of your products. It’s a no-brainer for B2C companies, but there’s plenty of room for B2B companies to get creative with a birthday greeting too.

Ready to get started? Give us 1 hour to help.

Like the sound of marketing automation? Join our one-hour webinar on 17th November and get a thorough introduction with our experts; Tamsin Fox-Davies, Philip Storey, Gemma Went, and Luke Brynley Jones.

We will also explain why you really don’t need a big brand marketing budget to nurture your audience and turn website visitors into customers. Strapped for time? Just register your interest and you will be able to listen to the webinar recording when it’s more convenient.

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