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As content marketing types, we’ve all been there. After all that ideation and PM and creativity, it turns out that just getting your content reviewed and approved can be the hardest part of the whole process.

Check out these tips for herding your stakeholder cats…

herd cats

Image credit: Rich Bowen on Flickr. 

Marketing professionals cite ‘chasing feedback’ as the biggest barrier to getting content live, according to our most recent survey of the UK’s culture of content.

But when it comes to engaging with those all-important content stakeholders, common sense, courtesy and dash of kidology can get you a surprisingly long way…

Don’t see stakeholders as the enemy

It’s tempting to demonise your content reviewers and approvers, to see them as heartless crushers of creativity and editorial intuition. But they have a job to do, and often a very important one, like preventing your company being sued, minimising product misinformation or protecting the brand.

Seeing these people as colleagues or collaborators in the content process is a much more constructive mindset.

See them as users or customers instead

Learn to live with the idea that your stakeholders are one of your audiences. This means understanding how they tick and what their needs are.

It doesn’t mean you start writing everything in turgid compliance-speak or non-plain legalese, but it does mean realising that if you need someone’s approval of your 30-page product microsite, expecting them to turn that round in half an hour on a Friday afternoon is unrealistic and possibly even a tad disrespectful.

Work out your stakeholder journey map

Apply the idea of customer journey mapping to your internal sign-off process.

Look back at the last substan…

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