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Over the past few years, content marketing has gone from being an accessory advertising tactic to a focal point of modern marketing.

According to ClickZ’s 2016 Digital Trends Report, it was reported as one of the most significant trends for brands heading into 2016 – with nearly a quarter of respondents saying that it was the most important trend for them.


By 2019, content marketing is projected to be a $300 billion industry.

Although content marketing has seen immense success over the past few years, there have been numerous limiting factors that have prevented companies from taking full advantage of its potential capabilities.

For example, some chief hindrances have been:

A lack of a content strategy
Interference from those in management
Haphazard approaches in the development of content and a lack of dedicated teams.

This past year, 2015, however saw incredible growth. There was a massive adoption of content development as a source of marketing success.

We have also recently seen the birth of RankBrain, the Mobile Update, and Panda is now considered a part of Google’s algorithm. These updates have all pushed marketers towards focusing on creating high-quality content that is user-centered. Content marketing is maturing.

A crucial part of this maturation process will also be the realization that content has a unique role to play across organizations.

It is not just a silo that exists next to several different departments, functioning within its own atmosphere. As brands learn to employ the full power of content marketing, they will be able to measure how it impacts the full range of roles within the brand, including the marketing, sales, PR, recruitment and customer service teams.

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