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Could Your Website Use Some Content Pruning

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You need to prune your content. We all do. Digital endeavors are essentially experimental, so they require a certain amount of room to develop in terms of both size and quality. Moreover, Digital is an inherently fast-paced environment, so the worth of your content will keep going down every single day. You can do a lot to slow this depreciation, even down to a crawl, but you can do very little, if anything, to stop it.

Although the concept emerged in the tools arsenals of SEO specialists, and should be addressed from their perspective, we cannot afford to ignore that content pruning is bound to impact most components of digital marketing. In fact, from user experience and content strategy to inbound marketing and even company culture, the process of thoroughly pruning your content will reveal major pain points, while clearing the path for sound strategic planning. (highlight to tweet)

Why You Should Prune Your Content

Content pruning is periodically needed to improve your Google rankings. Since Google rolled out Semantic Search and the Panda Algorithm Update, now arguably at its 25th iteration, website editors have been faced with the difficult decision of reducing the number of indexed pages.

Constantly replacing or removing broken links and mercilessly pruning outdated content must stay high on your priority list. Keeping your website fresh and up-to-date is crucial in order to keep your competitive edge and steadily climb the search engine results pages. The underperforming content indexed by Google is pulling your entire website down. It can be described as the digital equivalent of dead weight.


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