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What Is Your Brand’s Personality?

What are archetypes?

As the Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung classified them, archetypes are a universal and subconscious concept, “images that are integrally connected to the individual by the bridge of emotions.”

Margaret Hartwell is well-versed in Jung’s psychology of archetypes and she brings her expertise to the Business of Story to apply this psychology to brand initiatives, creation, maintenance, and reinvention.

As you can see from our resources section, these universal character archetypes have proven to be incredibly powerful in influencing the story of various brands in the world.

Margaret shares how business leaders can bring these archetypes to life so that they are empathetic and so that we as consumers have an authentic connection that humanizes the brands in our lives.

In This Episode

Brand archetypes and personality archetypes based in Jungian psychology
Why archetyping is so important to business
How to use archetypes to understand where your brand gets authentically positioned in the marketplace
How business leaders can use archetypes to help set company vision and mission
The four primary archetypes


Quotes From This Episode

“Archetypes are the signs and symbols and themes of our lives that are hidden in plain sight.” —@MPHpov (highlight to tweet)

“Archetypes have an incredible use in business and brands. They increase the bottom line. Brands that have a strong archetypal identity have been shown to positively influence a company’s real asset valuation by 66 per cent.” —@MPHpov

“Real rel…

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