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Did You Win the Hug Your Haters Photo Contest

It’s been 8 weeks since the launch of my newest book, Hug Your Haters. (if you haven’t grabbed a copy, I’d love your support).

With this book, I’m trying to fundamentally change the way we think about customer service, from “necessary evil” to “the new marketing.”

It’s working!

I’ve had so many people contact me and say that the book is helping them change their internal processes and approaches to customers. Thank you!

AND, we have fifty-three 5-star reviews on Amazon out of fifty-seven total reviews. Awesome!

I’ve seen tons of photos of the book in the wild, including many from readers and fans who entered the official Hug Your Haters photo contest. My teenage kids picked the winner, and first place is a $250 Amazon gift card.

After much deliberation, the winner is….

Jarrod Lyman, with this amazing entry featuring his dog, Zephyr.

HYH IG Winner

Jerrod is the social media manager for Mt. Hood in Oregon, and is a long-time Convince & Convert reader.

We asked him about how he came up with this terrific photo:

“When I first read about the Hug Your Haters contest, I wracked my brain trying to come up with something I thought had a chance to win. I know Jay’s readers are a creative group, so I’d have to step up my game.

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