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If You’re Not In, You’re Out

Blogging has come a long way from its web-logging heyday on the likes of Geocities. Nowadays it seems like every person, corporation, and animal has their own blog. But why do we blog? How do we blog? What’s too long or too short? How long does it take? How long should it take? So many questions and seemingly so few answers… until now.

Andy has 15 years of web design experience under his belt, a tome of research from hours spent surveying 1,000 bloggers, and a burning desire to share his knowledge with the world. His blogging insight and analytical tools will arm you with the requisite information to elevate your blog and get it on the fast track to success.

In This Episode

How the time spent on a blog post can be related to quality of content, depending on your blogging goals and timeline
Why the addition of visuals means a shift in content density of blogs
How properly tracking the success of your blog posts, not just number of entries, leads to higher conversion rates
Why keeping a scalpel at hand will mean more relevant material for all blogs


Quotes From This Episode

“The challenge is quality.” —@crestodina

“Always align your frequency with the length of your sales cycle… and the length of your buying interval.” —@crestodina

“What’s missing in blogging today is that people are trying to be an encyclopedia… and what they lose is the emotional ‘this is just my opinion’ side of it.” —@crestodina

“People are learning it’s not successful to hit somebody with a wall of text.” —@crestodina (highlight to tweet)

“The definition of the word ‘blog’ is growing to cover more topics and mean more different things.” —@crestodina

“Once you know the conversion rate from visitor into subscriber for each of your posts, that moment will completely change your content promotion strategy.” —@crestodina

“There’s no ROI if all you’re measuring is the amount you’re putting in.” —@crestodina (highlight to tweet)

“We need to look at it as social assist and value social as a first touch point or top-of-funnel visitor.” —@crestodina

“I live in fear, as all content marketers do, that my audience will quit paying attention.” —@crestodina


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The Big Two:Andy Crestodina

What’s your one tip for becoming a social pro?

Nobody will ever go to your testimonials page, which is why it’s key to make every page a testimonials page and the key to this is utilizing your social streams. Listen carefully for the good stuff and repurpose it throughout your content. Furthermore, make sure that every marketing claim in your content is supported with some kind of evidence and the easiest evidence will come from accolades or conversations pulled from your social streams.

If you could do a Skype call with any living person, who would it be?

Regardless of your politics, you’ve got to admit that Barack Obama is a very significant person historically and a Skype call with the current POTUS would be fascinating.

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