Originally at https://searchenginewatch.com/2016/05/12/everything-you-always-wanted-to-know-about-programmatic-but-were-too-afraid-to-ask/

One of the biggest challenges to programmatic adoption is that people are afraid of it.

To counter this, marketers should keep the language and definitions simple. This was a key takeaway from a panel of experts discussing programmatic at a recent ClickZ Live digital marketing conference.

“In programmatic we have a tendency to use a lot of jargon, which creates a lot of fear, even within the industry,” said Aswin Regawa, managing director, platforms, OmnicomMediaGroup.

What is programmatic?

Matt Harty, senior vice president, Asia Pacific, The Trade Desk, kicked off the discussion by asking the panel to put forward their elevator pitch when defining programmatic.

“It’s ‘programmable advertising’… You want to target a set audience and until that audience is engaged, you don’t buy the ad placement,” Harty said.

Melvin Goo, general manager, OMD Indonesia added that the essence of programmatic is in its automated ability to buy not sites, but the audience. “It’s about buying the audience when [the ad] is most relevant to them,” Goo said.

The LUMAscape

An important, but complex map of images all marketers should have at their fingertips, is the LUMAscape.

There are different versions of the LUMAscape, here’s one for display:


The LUMAscape is a document (of company logos) showing all the different partners that make up the programmatic ad-buying journey. On one side are the advertisers and on the other are the publishers. In between are all the different businesses that support programmatic buying.

These include the agencies; agency holding companies; agency trading desks; demand side platform…

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