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If you’ve been following the news about Wikipedia over the past few weeks, you might have heard about ‘Knowledge Engine’, the secret search engine project that was supposedly going to take on Google.

The idea of a “transparent search engine” created by the Wikimedia Foundation has definitely been nixed, as we reported in our round-up of key SEM news stories last Friday week.

Contrary to repeated insistences by those at the top, however, there was such a project in development at one point. It served as a flashpoint in a crisis which is still taking place at the heart of Wikimedia, resulting in the resignation of its Executive Director, Lila Tretikov, last week.

But why has Wikimedia’s ‘Knowledge Engine’ been so controversial, and what bearing does the search project still have on the future of the Wikimedia Foundation?

Wikimedia in meltdown

It hasn’t been a good year for the Wikimedia Foundation – and it’s barely even March. In just a couple of months, the non-profit which hosts Wikipedia has seen numerous resignations from key staff members, a vote of no confidence in a recently-appointed Board member, and the resignation of its Executive Director.

Wikimedia has been seeing walk-outs from key staff members ever since late 2014, but things have undeniably accelerated over the past several weeks. Former Deputy Director of Wikimedia Erik Möller, who left in April 2015, described the recent situation as “very much out of control” and “a crisis.”

A photograph of the recently resigned Wikimedia Foundation Executive Director Lila Tretikov, wearing a blue V-neck top and smiling slightly, her blonde hair swept forward over one shoulder.The Wikimedia Foundation’s internal crisis has resulted…

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