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If you answer your phone or want your phone to ring as a result of your marketing, in particular search engine marketing, then you’ll want to read the following interview.

I had the privilege of sitting down with Adarsh Nair, Senior Director, Search Product and Engineering at Marchex. Adarsh filled me in on the latest advances in call tracking and marketing automation that have been baked into their Call Analytics platform and specifically Marchex Search Analytics.

Kevin Lee: Why is tracking and 100% attribution at the keyword level important?

Adarsh: We hear a lot about big data and the power of data. Search is a very sophisticated media channel with hundreds of millions of keywords to bid from leading to trillions of dollars in sales. This is a big data problem. If you break it down to the basics, each keyword is a market of customers searching for something specific. And marketers have a cost to get their ad to show up in front of customers.

It is our strong belief that for the best ROI optimization, search marketers need to have the most granular data (keyword level), complete data (online and offline sale attribution) and the tools to make sense of data.

Keyword level attribution for online and offline sales is just the beginning to building a great search optimization strategy.

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