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Do you have a local business page on Facebook?

Want to reach more local customers?

Facebook recently launched Professional Services, a directory that helps consumers find the best local businesses and services to fit their needs.

In this article I’ll share how to use the Facebook Professional Services feature to boost visibility with local customers.

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What Is Facebook Professional Services?
Facebook Professional Services is a directory inside Facebook for local businesses. The goal is to help customers find local businesses with the best Facebook reviews and ratings.

Facebook expert Mari Smith doesn’t see it as making “… a huge dent in Yelp… at first.” But, she continues, “Over time, as more and more businesses become savvy with their Facebook marketing, and really promote their page activity, the Services Directory and Places could be more of a first choice for consumers.”

Customers can use the search box to find businesses in the area based on keywords specific to the products or services they need. They can also browse the top local business categories.

Within search results or specific category selections, customers see basic details about local businesses, such as their description, address, phone number and ratings.

One of the nice parts about Facebook Professional Services is that it’s not limited to the United States. People can search for local businesses worldwide.

While there are no specific guidelines as to how the Facebook algorithm determines which local businesses to show, after several searches, you can determine it’s based on the following:

Where the loca…

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