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This Week in Realtime Media
Politics: This Week in Realtime…Trump

In gearing up for next week’s GOP debate on CNN, Donald Trump has yet to lose steam in the media. The businessman had quite the week in mention volume, with the majority stemming from his remarks on Muslim immigration.

Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 10.30.58 AM

If elected President, Trump stated he would like to ban Muslims from entering the U.S. due to the threat of terrorism. As a result, immigration is now dominating the Share of Voice around Donald Trump:


Whether or not you agree with Trump’s statements, he certainly knows how to keep people talking about him. Be sure to come back next week to see how he fares in the CNN debate—we will be providing a full recap and insights from the night!

Tech: Apple’s New Smartphone Battery

Apple advocates have another gadget to add to their collection, as the tech company just released a smartphone battery case of its own.

The $99 Smart Battery Case promises to give iPhone 6 and 6s users up to 25 hours of talk time, 18 hours of LTE use, and 20 hours of audio and video playback. It is made of silicone and available in both charcoal gray and white (what about rose gold?!).

While there have been tweets complaining about the design of this new Apple product….

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