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While our editor Christopher is busy sunning himself in Miami at SEW Connect, I’m left with the task of this week’s round-up of SEM news.

So we have new Google mobile features, Valentine’s Day search stats and more…

Google’s new ‘trip planning’ feature for mobile

Google recently introduced a new feature for mobile users, as reported on the koddi blog.

The feature, triggered by searches such as those below, provides ideas for where to go and what to do.

where to go in italyItaly dest

Clicking on more opens up further destination ideas, and takes you away from the organic results altogether.

Ultimately, it can lead to reviews of hotels and tourist spots, and the ability to plan trips on Google.

italy travelitaly trav

Travel sites will no doubt be less than impressed with this move, which seems to take attention away from organic results.

However, these are not transactional searches, but queries more likely to be used in the earlier stages of travel planning when looking for ideas.

At the moment, I don’t think travel sites should be too concerned, especially as travel buyers then to take their time and view multiple sources before buying.

Alphabet becomes the world&#82…

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