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Welcome to our weekly round-up of all the latest news and research from around the world of search marketing and beyond.

This week: Pandas, Periscopes and Paid search.

Google integrates Panda into the core ranking algorithm

As our own Chris Lake reported this week, there has been a new roll-out of Panda, and “it’s a biggie.” Google has made Panda part of its core ranking algorithm, meaning that it will be paying more attention to site quality signals than ever before. 

There’s loads more information in the above linked post, but one of the most interesting bits is Google’s comment that, “content owners shouldn’t ask how many visitors they had on a specific day, but rather how many visitors they helped.”

Panda update leads to search gains and losses for online publishers

According to a new analysis by Searchmetrics, this week’s Google search algorithm update has meant big changes in how websites currently rank.

There have been visibility gains and losses for many sites, including TheAtlantic.com, GQ.com, Newyorker.com, Economist.com and Time.com, for both desktop and mobile device results.

One of the biggest losers is The Atlantic, with old URLs that ranked for brand keywords and entities dropping in the SERPs.


Google outpacing Facebook in spend growth

According to IgnitionOne’s Q4 2015 Digital Marketing Report (registration required), Google is winning the battle against Facebook in terms of throwing money around the internet.

Between November 26th – December 31st, Google surpassed Facebook in growth and conversions, seeing an increase of 37% in programmatic display advertising spend and a 34% increase in co…

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