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Content marketing has seen an impressive growth during the past few years and this has made an increasing number of brands examine the best tactics to invest in content and boost sales.

We attended Ayima’s Insights Conference in London this week, and here’s what we learned from Danny Chadburn, Head of SEO at Ayima and SEW contributor, on how to create a successful content marketing strategy.

1) Ambiguity is your mortal enemy


It is important to create content that is clear and specific. As Danny Chadburn said, “aim for one single goal and do it well.”

This allows you to produce an organised content strategy, which will lead to meaningful (and effective) content.

Ambiguity is not helpful for users, as it may be confusing, distracting, or even annoying. That’s why a brand should aim to drive people to a specific product, or page through the right use of content.

Takeaway: always make sure that the content you create is purposeful and relevant.

2) Bridges should be built to last

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Find a content gap in your industry and seize the opportunity to jump in. Make a research plan, calculate how much to invest, the resources needed, work out your goals and create something that is built to last.

This will allow you to stand out from the competition by taking one step at a time. As with a bridge, you don’t have to create an impressive and costly one if you don’t have the necessary budget, all you need is to build a safe and effective one that people will enjoy the benefits of.

Takeaway: Even one oppo…

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