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Planning and budgeting for your promotional campaign at the very start of your mobile project is critical to success.

It doesn’t matter how brilliant your mobile website or app is if no one knows about it or uses it.

The Catch 22 is that people visit websites/apps found at the top of web search results and they download native apps that appear in app store top 10 category lists. But to achieve these rankings your site or app has to be among the most popular.

This is what makes the go-to-market strategy crucial to the success of your project. Planning and budgeting for promotion in advance is not only essential for determining project ROI, as discussed in previous column but it should also influence the development process.

The go-to-market plan should consider the following six types of marketing, and weigh up the pro/cons and relative costs of each:

Paid advertising – display, search, native.
Public relations – to earn press, blog coverage.
Owned media: digital – CRM, email, SMS, social media.
Owned media: physical – brochures, packaging.
Shared media – social media, email, SMS.
Search engine optimization/App store optimization.

Companies tend to underestimate the costs of marketing mobile projects – particularly mobile apps.

Agencies contacted by ClickZ recommend a marketing spend that is at least equal to the amount spent on development.

All agencies report that promoting native apps require more effort and cost to promote than a mobile-friendly site or web app (a browser-based application) due to the closed nature of the app environment and the intense competition between apps for downloads.

Mick Rigby, CEO of Yodel Mobile, London:

There are more steps to go through to get a mobile app user than a visitor to your mobile site or web app. The potential user has to click on the banner/video, they then visit the app store listing, they then have to download the app and they then hav…

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