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SigstrThis is episode three of my new show: Marketing Marvels.

It almost seems too simple: Utilizing your email signature, the thing that gets automatically attached to every single email you send, for marketing purposes.

Whether it’s an invitation to an event, a promotion for a new piece of content, a free trial, or something even bigger, the idea of creating a small visual representation within your email signature is genius.

That’s why I was so excited to chat with Dan Hanrahan from Sigstr, the company that is effectively harnessing the power of email signatures for simple marketing that works.

We use this in our emails at Convince & Convert, and I highly recommend you check it out. Pricing starts at only $3 per user per month, which seems like a pretty worthwhile investment to me! Learn more about Sigstr’s capabilities in this episode of Marketing Marvels and let me know what you think.

Jay: Hey, everybody. It’s Jay Baer, President of Convince & Convert. Welcome each and everyone of you all over the Internets to episode number three—one, two, three—of Marketing Marvels where I help you discover fantastic new technology to improve your marketing. Each and every episode of Marketing Marvels includes and overview and a quick demo of cutting-edge marketing technology that I personally endorse and recommend, plus Q&A, to help you decide whether this technology is right for you and your business.

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