Originally at https://searchenginewatch.com/2016/03/15/google-analytics-launches-360-suite-promises-a-better-view-of-the-complete-customer-journey/

Following the ‘micro-moment’ trend that Google has named and popularised for itself, Google has launched a suite of tools for its premium Analytics users, which promise to help better take advantage of customer behaviour “in the moment.”

With companies swimming in data from an infinite number of channels, it’s harder than ever to get a genuinely complete view of the customer journey.

Sure you can measure traffic to your site from online channels, but what about the effect your digital marketing has on offline store visits? What about when someone searches for a service on a mobile when out and about, how do you know you’re delivering the most relevant message to them?

To help enterprises achieve a more personalised ‘customer centric’ way of marketing, Google Analytics has launched 360 Suite, “a set of integrated data and marketing analytics products,” the purpose of which is to make your brand genuinely useful to potential customers.

360 suite

Now putting aside any cynicism, anything that helps companies see the whole customer journey in real-time and provides useful information that cuts through the usual ‘hit-and-hope’ marketing rubbish, is to be applauded.

Here’s a breakdown of what Google is offering to its 360 suite users. Four of the six products are brand new (three are in beta), and most of the following are the words of Google, but I’ve tried to cut back on the hyperbole wherever I could 😉

Google Audience Center 360 (beta): a data management platform (DMP) that helps marketers understand customers and find more like them across channels, devices, and campaigns. It offers native integration with Google and DoubleClick, plus it’s open to third party data providers, DSPs and more. This is Google’s …

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