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We’ve spoken a lot about the problem of peak content recently.

With so many more businesses now adopting publishing models to reach their audience and focus on inbound, it is becoming harder for both users and distributors to cut through the noise and uncover the really useful information out there.

Of course, it’s fairly easy for us to spout opinion on this issue, but we wanted to know first hand how this is affecting marketers, so we decided to kick off our inaugural #ClickZChat on Twitter by asking our followers about the issues and possible solutions.

We’re kicking off #ClickZChat here at noon EST today – get ready to tell us what you think about Peak Content. pic.twitter.com/qWvIyPOM7d

— ClickZ (@ClickZ) March 30, 2016

We decided to start by asking: is there really an issue here? Do you believe that we’ve reached (or are heading for) peak content? The point when there is so much information available that it becomes effectively useless?

Q1: Do you believe we have reached ‘peak content’? Why or why not? A big question to kick off #ClickZChat! pic.twitter.com/m5UVSLNEKa

— ClickZ (@ClickZ) March 30, 2016

Emma_SEO weighed in on this, asking if ‘peak content was simply part of the eternal marketing search for the most relevant customer channel

@sewatch A1. To say we have, first we must understand what is “Peak content”,are we not simply looking for new and better comms? #ClickZChat

— Emma P (@Emma_SEO) March 30, 2016

With so much happening, it can be difficult for businesses to gain attention. Is the focus now too heavily focused on broadcast and moving away from genuine interaction? CatalystSEM’s SEO Director Paul Shapiro agreed that we seem to be concentrating on volume rather than value:

A1: There’s definitely a bounty of poor quality…

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