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An effective e-commerce product page captures the audience’s attention and compels them to convert to paying customers.

Many e-commerce businesses believe a product page is all about high-resolution images with detailed descriptions for each product.

Although these are important areas that need to be considered, thinking that they are the only elements needed to win the game for you is overly simplistic.

In this post, I’ll discuss the elements that make a product page captivating for visitors. I’ll discuss in detail the things you should consider doing on your product pages so that they stand out from the competition.

Product URLs must be a priority

Let me start out with something that’s critical to get right, yet is often neglected: optimizing product URLs. Unfortunately, I know dozens of e-commerce stores that don’t consider the URL to be part of a product page at all, much less one of the most important parts.

Well, guys, they’re wrong. Ignoring this vital fact can seriously impede your click-through-rate (CTR), especially in terms of organic searches.

Remember, there are literally thousands of choices for a visitor once she decides to buy a product online. She will go for options that she’s satisfied with. Let’s suppose a user runs a Google search and sees this in the results:

<img src="https://d2v4zi8pl64nxt.cloudfront.net/step-by-step-anatomy-of-the-perfect-product-page/5706acd9c0a9b3…

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