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In this expert interview, we ask mobile marketing specialist, Franco Beschizza, how businesses can get started with mobile marketing.

There are lots of examples of big brands doing big things with mobile marketing, but what about small businesses and agencies? Is the opportunity there?

Absolutely. As consumers move towards a more mobile ecosphere, and new low-cost cloud-based marketing platforms for mobile are becoming available, it will in effect level the playing field for small businesses and agencies.

Mobile is changing the way that the majority of purchasing decisions are made and opens up a real opportunity just by starting to think and employ some simple mobile strategies and tactics.

What is the biggest challenge preventing companies from getting serious about mobile marketing?

One of the great benefits of mobile marketing is that it can actually make your other marketing initiatives more effective. Linking it to social is a key benefit. Keeping up with all that is happening and developing in this area can be daunting and confusing.

The mobile industry has tended to think and talk in terms that mobile is different and needs to stand alone as an approach to marketing. Referring to mobile marketing as different and stand-alone means it just gets placed further down the priority list for businesses, especial for small businesses and agencies who tend to find themselves juggling several activities at once. The good news is that mobile is not different nor is it difficult, you just need to think it through to see effective results.

Are there any steps that you feel are particularly helpful in overcoming this challenge?


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