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The Allure of Raw Video

The evolution of social media professionals and the ability to schedule blogs/podcasts/tweets/etc. has created the opportunity for a high level of scripting in one’s social presence. While this makes for a safe and controlled front to an audience, it also removes what makes social media unique from other interactions… the feeling of personal connection and communication.

Enter stage right: Live-streaming apps such as Periscope.

For Chris Ducker, Periscope has opened up new avenues of consumer engagement. Not only has it livened up his preexisting audience, but it has brought in brand new clients for his Live2Sell businesses making its unadulterated, unfiltered conversations a very worthwhile risk.

But not just anybody can make an account and expect these positive results immediately. Chris shares his successful approach to Periscope—and entrepreneurship in general—that has resulted in an extremely prosperous professional and personal life.

In This Episode

How planned content creation can lead to a stagnant presence online and ultimately cause audience attrition
Why conditioning your audience means greater engagement success on all social channels
How the meaning of “entrepreneur” has evolved and why it’s more important than ever to quantify the experiences of others
Why being a success does not have to mean forgetting to use the bathroom


Quotes From This Episode

“Everything you do must have some level of consistency online. It’s not just about timing.” —@ChrisDucker

“Live-streaming as a whole is going to change the way that a lot of content creators online are truly seen.” —@ChrisDucker…

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