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How Data Is Used to Refine Marketing Messages

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By now, we’re all aware that the campaign-centric model of marketing is over—at least, if you want to be a company that remains viable and visible in the minds of consumers. Instead, most of us are using data to inform our campaigns and listening to our consumers on a regular basis. Or at least we should be.

The “Tent Pole” Marketing Model

If you were using the traditional campaign-centric model, you’d take a lot of time to prepare everything. Then you would launch your campaign—with an overarching theme based on an outdated “brand model”—and the campaign might last for a number of weeks, depending on how much money you had to spend on it. Then you’d probably go absolutely quiet until the next campaign. Crickets.

Even worse is the fact that the campaign model wasn’t applied to marketing alone. Companies used to do this with everything, including product development. A company would focus on innovating one or two products and spend a lot of time researching those products. Then, they would launch those products and go stagnant for a while.

Sound familiar?

With the tent pole model, you never stop communicating and never stop listening. (highlight to tweet) It’s a continual back-and-forth with your customers, with the occasional “tent pole” popping up: any big initiative, new product launch, or new service that you need to break out of above the rest of your communication. It’s called a tent pole for a reason: instead of no activity in between major promotions, it just droops a bit to a persistent lower level.

If we look at some of the tech companies out there—Google…

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