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Michael Georgiou_InstagramAre You Helping?

Think it’s all about you?

Not so. Michael Georgiou is living proof that success comes from serving your market diligently and generously while taking the time to add personal touches. Michael believes in research, knowing your message, giving back to community, more research, and keeping your own inspiration alive by inspiring others.

Imaginovation is an exciting web design and development company that thrives on the passion for using well-developed strategies and the latest technologies to provide customers with top of the line marketing and communications products. We’re all anticipating their launch of Imagine Commerce at Catalyst 2016!

In This Episode

How to find inspiration by inspiring others
Why it’s important to always be researching
Why it’s essential to focus on one message
How to give back to your consumer
How to utilize video content to increase engagement
Why infusing personality into your messaging is key


Quotes From This Episode

“We try to have a good motive and intent with everything we do.” —@MGeorgiou22 (highlight to tweet)

“We really needed to get to another level and personalize everything that we were doing—in terms of our imagery, the way we’re reaching out, in terms of making sure that our audience is highly targeted, and doing a little more research on the front end—before we even started our outreach and the implementation of our strategy.” —@MGeorgiou22

“For me an influencer is someone that’s really trying to make a difference in the community, really trying to give back to their audience.” —@MGeorgiou22

“You can make a difference with everything that you’re doi…

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