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What is Google AMP?

The Google AMP Project is a way of fast-tracking content to mobile devices. It improves upon the traditional model of serving mobile content because it relies on a specific form of HTML, called AMP HTML, to strip down the presentation of content. Here’s an example of what an AMP page looks like when rendered on an iPhone 6.


The net effect is that the mobile user will see articles with comparatively basic text and images, but that content will load up to 10 times faster (or more!) over traditionally formatted content.

Why is Google AMP important for SEO?

As Google often preaches to the industry, page speed and mobile-readiness are high-quality ranking distinctions that determine the placement of a site’s content link in the search engine results pages (SERPs). The faster a site is (among other ranking signals), and the more it caters to mobile devices, the more likely it is to be seen and clicked on by Google search users.

Since 2013, Google has been evolving from being the company that provides links to other sites in search results to the company that provides answers to questions in search results.

For example, the “featured snippets” aspect of Google, shown below, has been a method of providing quick answers in search results to simple questions such as “Who won the 1969 World Series?”

who won the 1969 world series Google Search.png

But featured snippets don’t work well for more complex questions, like “What are the main issues in the 2016 presidential election?” Those types of questio…

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