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Adam New-Waterson - InstagramUsing Numbers Creatively

Adam New-Waterson is the data whisperer. Working at a company like LeanData, he focuses on ensuring that the marketing department’s efforts are actually helping the company and sales team meet their goals in real world applications.  Adam and his team don’t settle for just trusting the quality of their efforts; they are constantly measuring their relationship to the rest of the company in a very conscious way.

To many, data conjures up images of boring spreadsheets and high school math class, but Adam is putting a new twist on it by using data as inspiration for out-of-the-box content creation. One of the first things Adam did at LeanData was hire a journalist with 35 years of experience as his head content writer. Advocating for the power of educating over selling, he has found incredible measured value by hiring someone who understands both the structure of storytelling and the power of teaching and informing.

In This Episode:

Why marketers are still struggling to get ROI right
How synonyms and a fancy dress had a tremendous ROI
How to harness the power of visual content
How using data points can fuel creative content strategies
Why creating content that educates is important
What a successful ABM strategy looks like
What makes a piece of content effective at the top and bottom of the funnel


Quotes From This Episode:

“We’re using content at the heart of driving the conversation for people to choose LeanData.” —@RevTechCMO (Highlight to tweet)

“One of the first things I did when I was hired to be the CMO is I hired a journalist with 35 years of experience working at newsp…

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