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Heather Whaling launched Geben Communication in her dining room and successfully (and quickly!) turned it into an award-winning PR firm. As the company grew, she was able to shift her attention and focus to what she’s most passionate about—business development.

She wants to make sure she and her clients are constantly pushing the envelope, so she does a lot of trend monitoring: checking out what the big companies are doing, what people are talking about, and which new ideas are gaining traction.

One of Heather’s best practices is treating Geben as a client, and making sure she does what she tells her clients to do.

So what’s the next big thing in marketing? Influencer relations.

Heather explains how influence marketing is changing the cycle of business development and how it has become the core of her business. She covers what works, what doesn’t, and the best ways to actually create a successful influencer campaign.

In This Episode

Effective ways to reach a different type of audience
How to pick the right influencers for your business, project, or campaign
The biggest mistake people make when using influence marketing
How trend monitoring leads to new ideas


Quotes From This Episode

“From the very beginning, I’ve tried to treat Geben as a client and do the things that we tell our clients to be doing, and I think that has been really helpful.” —@prtini

“The first couple years, I could track 75 percent of all my new business back to relationships that began online, and most of those relationships went back to Twitter.” —@prtini

“If you’re going to do an influencer campaign, make sure …

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