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Jeffrey K. Rohrs and Raj Nijjer join the Content Pros Podcast this week to share exciting developments in a brand new industry: location-based personalization and marketing.

Jeffrey is the CMO at Yext while Raj is a publisher at Yext’s media outlet, GeoMarketing.com. Together, they are working to forge innovation in an industry based around location data. They’re out to prove that location data isn’t just some throw-away element; it should rank right up there with employee and customer data. 

Five years ago, Yext launched a network called “Power Listings,” which brought together over a hundred different publishers including Apple Maps, Yahoo, Bing, Facebook and others to allow you to update your business listing information.

Their timing on the Content Pros Podcast coincides with an exciting new announcement for Yext: Google has now been integrated into Yext’s Power Listings, enabling businesses to manage their Google listings and publish the information to all of the partners. 

Take a listen to this week’s episode to understand what this development means for you and your company.

In This Episode:

Why location data should matter to you
How Yext’s recent Google integration has changed the game for your company
How to align two separate teams to achieve the same vision
How Google has let you down and you may not even know it
The importance of a passionate CMO
How to balance serving your audience and serving your parent company


Quotes From This Episode:

“We all know the conversation today in marketing is about the customer journey. If the …

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