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How much SEO knowledge does a journalist need? Is it a key part of the job in the modern world, or should they just concentrate on writing? 

From my perspective, looking after the ClickZ and Search Engine Watch sites, it plays a big role in what we do. Especially this site – if we’re going to write about SEO, we should know what we’re talking about.

I see it as being essential to the modern journalist or writer online. These skills will help you write for the web effectively and ensure that your content finds its audience.

Let’s be clear though: the quality of content is the first consideration: if the article sucks then no amount of SEO knowledge is going to help. The ability to write is the thing.

After that, it’s about giving the content you created and the site you write for the best chance in the search engines.

This isn’t all down to the writer, but I think writers should be learning abut this. It’s a way to future-proof your career.

The SEO tasks editors and writers don’t need to do

I think an understanding of SEO and how it works is useful for editors, but there are areas where an internal or external expert may be the best option.

As Kevin Gibbons says:

“A lot of SEO for media/publishers is likely to be more technical, such as optimising category pages, passing internal link equity, on-page structure markup, crawling/indexing analysis, Google News/sitemap creation etc… So it’s a different skill-set required, which the editors don’t really need to worry about, but equally important towards getting results.”

So what do writers and editors need to know about SEO?

Here are some of my suggestions, then I’ll let the search experts give their views.

How to write headlines

Headlines written for the web, unlike those for print, should be alluring and descriptive. And the keywords used should be considered. We…

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