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Frank Danna_InstagramQuality Trumps Quantity

Ten Big Macs does not a Filet Mignon make. And if you insist on trying it anyway, we’re not responsible for the tummy ache.

Frank Danna is a wizard of emerging platforms, superior content, and enthusiasm. He believes that quality of content—and not reach—is king, immersing yourself in everything new is important, and that helping just one person makes it all worthwhile.

Softway is an agency dedicated to inspiring and using interactive marketing and technology for creative solutions for clients, and Parabox Creative is micro-content production agency focused on short-form storytelling. And let’s not forget about the popular new platforms that Frank co-founded; SnapCodes is a brilliant way to rank and curate the most popular Snapchat accounts, and GhostCodes is a real-time Snapchat search engine.

In This Episode

Why alignment of values is essential for success
How micro-influencers are the next wave in marketing
Why delving into new platforms is not only fun, but productive
How to focus your hustle for optimum results in the real world
How to determine what has the most value for a campaign


Quotes From This Episode

“It all comes down to value and what value a brand is bringing to an individual or what relationship that brand has to an individual.” —@Erskine

“Limitations actually create creativity.” —@Erskine (highlight to tweet)

“The influencer and their follower and the content they produce must all align as closely as possible to what the brand’s values are.” —@Erskine

“We built a company because we wanted to add legitimacy to the content we were producing. We didn’t just want to be freelancer…

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