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Katrina Maddox - InstagramIn With the Old and New

Who said you can’t teach an old dog new tricks?

The Grand Ole Opry is a spry 90-years-young epicenter of country music that boasts a stunning community of 1.1 million Facebook followers, 425k Twitter followers, and nearly 300k followers on Instagram. Unlike what you might expect from a near-centenarian organization, the Opry has fully embraced social media and used it to create a true family-style community with its audience and musicians.

The Opry has become a social media watering hole where fans can mingle with artists, whether they are listening live in the Opry House or live streaming at their house.

Having not only grown up in Nashville in the shadow of the Opry, but also going on year 13 as an employee, Katrina has a close connection to their audience. She knows exactly how to engage both consumers (audience) and producers (artists) in such a way that both feel comfortable and connected. Under her guidance, the Opry has become a social beacon in the world of entertainment.

In This Episode

Why content cultivation means developing a comfortable relationship with producers and consumers of your media
How embracing multiple channels and different audiences leads to an immersive social presence
Why outreach beyond your core audience means prepackaged materials for your social partners
How having an audience both locally and internationally leads to multi-layered content on each social channel


Quotes From This Episode

“With social, we’re almost programming a show outside of the actual show that happens onstage.” —@kabrina (highlight to tweet)

“One of our biggest goal…

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