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How Social Referalls Impact Your Organic Traffic

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Last week while I was out walking my dog, I was listening to the Jay Today podcast, and one of the episodes that really stood out for me was Episode 80. In this episode, Jay talks about Dark Social and how social will never get the credit it deserves. He gave a great example about how he was a social referral to a travel bag manufacturer’s website, but instead of making the purchase himself, he emailed the link to his wife who ended up purchasing the bag for him as a gift. If the bag manufacturer were to look at that transaction in Google Analytics, it would have shown up as a direct conversion, leaving no credit to social. Boo!

Social Media’s Role in Organic Traffic

The Dark Social phenomenon makes it really hard to show the value that social media adds to a business, which makes it frustrating when trying to report on ROI. That’s when you end up with crusty clients saying, “Social media is a waste of time, too much money, blah blah blah.” Honestly, I want to shake people when they say things like that. WAKE UP!

Add value > Engage with your audience > Build relationships > Grow your community > Nurture relationships > Gain brand ambassadors (highlight to tweet)

Jay’s podcast got me thinking of another area where social media doesn’t get enough credit: the organic traffic that comes to a website as the result of an initial social referral.

Here’s an example of what I mean. Say someone clicked on one of your Fa…

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