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Jim DArcangelo - InstagramBlogging Through the Sales Funnel

In a scant eight months on the job, Jim managed to pull off a seeming miracle at Booker.com. He transformed 50% leads relative to contracts to nearly 100%. Sales productivity went up 240%, lead volume went up 380%, CPAs were cut by 50%, and they managed to get a net positive churn two months in a row.

Impressive, right?

So how does one manage to take a company that had 90,000 dead/dormant leads in Salesforce and change it into a thriving jewel of an SMB platform?

It’s all about content strategy.

With 20 years of work in the SMB space, Jim knows how to quickly evaluate and engage the interests of his clientele. To draw in the largest swath of prospects, it’s not about fancy logos or cutting edge visuals. Success can be accomplished with a simple blend of bite-sized, easily digestible content that draws your readers deeper into your blog.

What’s not so simple is the structured approach to creating this content, which involves multiple teams from across marketing and sales communicating with a dedicated core of content developers. Thankfully he is here to share his experience and insight with Booker.com, giving you a head start on effectively retooling your blog for success.

In This Episode

How two focused personas can lead to 70% target market reach
How the sales funnel leads to smarter blog structure
Why an effective content team means a well-structured marketing department
How a basic blog structure leads to easy adaptation and expansion to new verticals


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“Much of what marketing does for Booker and how big a role marketing plays at Bo…

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