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Jim Tobin - InstagramFortune Favors the Bold

If there’s one thing that never changes in marketing it’s that things are always changing. How do we keep up with the constant shifts in the digital landscape?

By always changing our approach, of course!

Jim Tobin is a shapeshifter and a true pioneer of social media and its dominating use in influence marketing. He believes in taking the time to get to know your influencers, creating partnerships, rolling with the punches, and setting up success that keeps on coming.

And Jim is certainly no stranger to the world of marketing. His company, Ignite Media, was one of the first to facilitate social media for marketing purposes. His second company, Carusele, is designed to make it even easier and quicker for brands to buy in.

If we’re lucky, some of his experience and savvy marketing insights just might rub off on us through this Influence Pros Podcast.

In This Episode

Why your company must constantly evolve
How well-crafted posts can keep bringing returns long after initial campaigns 
Why it’s important to think through the ramifications of any content
How taking time upfront will save you time later
Why quality is more important than quantity


Quotes From This Episode

“I would much rather have five people create great content than 50 people do lousy tweets.” —@jtobin (highlight to tweet)

“We always, if we wanted to engage [influencers], tried to find a way that they could benefit from being involved with our brand. And early on, 2008, 2009, 2010, we had to give people content, credibility, backlinks, and traffic.” —@jtobin

“I think some people really mean ambassadors when they say influence, jus…

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