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Jeff Barrett_InstagramSpeedboats Are Better Than Yachts

Speedboats are more fun, right?

Well, they are certainly more agile, just like Jeff Barrett. Jeff dives deep and bares it all as he delves into the impatience that drove him to become an entrepreneur, the growing role PR is developing in partnership with influencer marketing, and the long-term planning and approachability that has helped him maintain and grow relationships that can be leveraged effectively.

Status Creative is a proactive PR agency driven by the desire to inspire memorable moments, stay authentic, and strive for excellence in all ways to ensure lasting growth for all their clients.

In This Episode

The importance of understanding that reach simply means potential
How to maintain long-term planning strategies for positive relationships
Why PR is the next wave in influencer marketing
How to diversify your influencer usage in order to find the perfect fit
How budgets are shifting to give influencers more opportunities in 2017


Quotes From This Episode

“We run a pretty small ship because we like to be a speedboat versus some other yachts in the industry.” —@BarrettAll

“I don’t think any two days are ever the same, especially when you’re an entrepreneur.” —@BarrettAll (highlight to tweet)

“There’s no reason that PR shouldn’t take hold of influence because it’s all relationship-based.” —@BarrettAll (highlight to tweet)

“We’re all inherently impatient. Because if we were patient, we would have gone through a corporate ladder, we would have done something else. So, I’m incredibly impatient and always want to try to get things done that day, or that exact second.” —@Ba…

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