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Margie Meacham teaches multinational corporations how to apply neuroscience to their learning processes to better connect with employees and customers.

She turns teachers and business leaders alike into learning experts so that they can be more empowering in their fields, creating knowledgeable, enlightened, and enthusiastic leaders.

But how does this intersect with impactful storytelling? As Margie has discovered through studying the neuroscience of story, “the remarkable thing is that when someone’s listening to a story, their brain reacts in the same places it would if they were actually living out those same events.”

By applying this to business practices, Margie has created a curriculum to harness the cerebral, evolutionary power of storytelling and apply this to learning, teaching, and business.

She joins the Business of Story Podcast to share how to harness this true, innate genius.

In This Episode

How to use the power of teaching to advance business missions further, faster
Why pictures are truly worth a thousand words
Why emotion is so essential to the learning process
How stories are the only true vehicle we should use to move people to action
The origin of the term “genius”
Chunking information


Quotes From This Episode

“You can teach people how to be better leaders or salespeople by walking them through a story. They don’t have to wait to have years of experience accumulate to learn those skills.” —@margiemeacham

“For someone who is running a business, or leading a team, or aspiring to achieve a great goal, if you can understand how your brain work…

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