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Find a Story Within a Story

Michael Hauge has spent the past thirty-five years in Hollywood, working with the top actors, directors, and screenwriters to develop phenomenal stories.

Remember “I Am Legend”? How about the remake of “Karate Kid”? Yep, those are just two examples of Michael’s substantial resume.

With clients like Will Smith, Julia Roberts, Jennifer Lopez, and more, Michael’s position as a master story consultant, speaker, and author is well-respected, and his depth of knowledge where story is concerned seems to know no bounds.

Michael takes us through the developmental process of screenplays and novels, and reveals how these same principles apply to crafting vibrant and moving business stories. He adapts the tried and true methods of creating Blockbusters and bestsellers to restructure and analyze business stories.

You may be surprised by how simple it is to implement powerful story architecture that works every time.

In This Episode

Why story is more important now than ever
The three mistakes we make with our business, brand, and content marketing stories and how we can overcome them
How to get a buyer to live vicariously through the success of existing customers
How to use the structure of setup, hero, stakes, conflict, and aftermath to create compelling content
How to identify the emotional stories that elevate a professional services brand
The core foundation of every story: character, desire, and conflict


Quotes From This Episode

“All a business story is, is telling what happened to someone who you worked with who benefitted from you, where they were at the beginning…

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