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Does the content you share get the reach it needs?

Want to learn how to get your content seen by more people?

A network of social advocates will help you amplify the reach of the content you share.

In this article you’ll discover how to build a network of peers and fans that will help your business.

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#1: Decide What to Share With Whom
The purpose of a social advocacy program is to have a network of people ready to share your content to expand your overall reach.

To start, you need to decide what you want your network to share. It helps to begin with a goal in mind. Here are a few possible goals:

You want to promote your brand so your business stays top of mind with prospects. Push only the strongest content possible out to an advocate network of employees a little less frequently. For cues on what content to deliver, take a look at the original content you’re currently creating and see what your target audience responds best to.

You want your business to be a recognized source of thought leadership. The content you deliver to your network of advocate employees should be a daily mix of original and third-party content that will keep them engaged in industry discussions throughout the year.

Because consistency is key, you need to figure out how often you can push content to your social advocates. At the beginning, your core marketing team will provide all of the original and third-party content for advocates to share, so keep their bandwidth in mind. Then once the program is fully up and running, you’ll be able to deliver more content.
#2: Make It Easy for Advocates to Share
There are two ways t…

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