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What you measure is what you’re able to improve. While there’s no one magic solution that works for everyone, setting yourself up for success involves measuring your traffic metrics the right way, so you can identify areas to work on and implement the right actions. In the first Whiteboard Friday of 2016, Rand explains what you need to include when building your own traffics metrics dashboard in the new year.

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Video Transcription

Howdy, Moz fans, and Happy New Year. Welcome to 2016. It’s going to be a very exciting year in search, in all things digital, in the web marketing world. We have an incredible year ahead of us. I want to help this year by celebrating some of the success of 2015, but also by assisting you in measuring and being able to answer critical questions about your success in 2016.

To do that, one of the things we need is a better metrics dashboard. Now look, there is no perfect solution out there. There’s no plug-and-play, one-size-fits-all. What I’m going to give you here is a methodology for how you can set your team and yourself up for success, in 2016, with a great metrics dashboard that shows you how things work through your funnel.

But you’re going to have to tweak this. What I’m going to show you today is not going to be perfect. It’s not going to apply to you or to everyone. It’s going to need some personalization on your behalf. So what I want to give you is the framework to do this and some of the ways that we think about funnel and web traffic here at Moz.

Let’s start with awareness

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