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Your Authentic Stories

Have you identified your personal, authentic story? How about the story of your brand? Are your eyes and ears fine-tuned enough that you’ve begun to notice the stories that are constantly happening around you every minute of the day?

Christoph Trappe is a career storyteller. He began as a journalist and developed his story, becoming a keynote speaker, blogger, and content marketing strategist. He currently helps hospitals throughout the United State share their stories, and in 2015 was named the IMA’s Internet Marketer of the Year.  He is the author of the book, “Get Real: Telling Authentic Stories for Long-term Success,” and he joins the Business of Story Podcast to reveal his key strategies to become more confident in clarifying your authentic story.

Christoph will share actionable strategies to identify and craft your story, meters of success, and how to scale your story depending on the size of your organization.

As Park says, “We look for the right and wrong of the story versus what’s truly the truth of the story and how it impacts people around us. Find that truth, share it authentically, and you can literally move the world in any direction you choose.”

“And not just the truth,” Christoph asserts, “but your truth.”

In This Episode

Crafting stories with clear intent
How to help people buy into your stories
Actively producing stories and getting them into your workflow
Authentic storytelling
How to generate and share authentic stories, and how to scale and measure their success
Story shopping: identifying stories in real time


Quotes From This Episode

“In authentic storytelling the s…

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