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Taking Hollywood to Content Marketing

Justin Trevor Winters is an Adjunct Professor at Arizona State University. He has also taught at UCLA and given guest lectures at UC Santa Barbara. He is a young screenwriter who has just produced his first movie, “Killing Winston Jones,” and he joins us today to share insights from his years of working in Hollywood with talent and literary agency Innovative Artists.

Justin and Park discuss how the changing tide of Hollywood influences the content marketing and branding world.

From the silver screen to the boardroom, great storytellers are a highly sought after commodity. Take a cue from the screenwriters and differentiate your story from the crowd by utilizing a specific structure to identify your brand story and reach your niche audience.

Just as a screenwriter may focus on a single genre, business people can employ similar tactics by identifying exactly which audiences to target with their story in order to better influence and connect with them.

 In This Episode

Applying Hollywood storytelling to commerce content marketing in business
Movies—why do they work?
Why storytellers are the most sought after commodity in Hollywood, marketing, branding, and content marketing
Niche vs. mass audiences and how to identify your demographic and craft your story to connect with each
Story integrity and how to relate on a humanistic level


 Quotes From This Episode

“I think we use screenwriting as an umbrella term. Really, at the end of the day, it’s all just storytelling.” —@justintwinters

“Don’t just make me laugh. Don’t just make me cry. Make me feel something on a humanistic level.” —@justintwinters (highlight to tweet)

“Telling to sell. It is just really, really powerful.” —@ParkHowell

“The best thing you can do as a storyteller—whether it’s the end of a movie, a TV show, or a commercial—is to have people talk about it.” —@justintwinters

“Always be open to evolving, changing, revising until you get to a place where you’re getting the response that you want. Never settle; always look—especially in advertising—for achieving the biggest response possible.” —@justintwinters


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“Save The Cat!“
“Save the Cat! Goes to the Movies“
“Save the Cat! Strikes Back”
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