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Neil Tolbert - InstagramDivide and Conquer

When you are a B2B company with a product that has an extended buying cycle, it can be difficult to know how and when to engage with your clients through social media.

Marketing automation can ease this burden by keeping your brand in the minds of your consumers while they are between purchases. This frees up your marketing team to focus on using social media for its intended purpose: building those one-on-one personal relationships with your customers.

Neil is a great example of this two-part social plan at work. Under his management, Mack Trucks has gone from 6,000 Facebook fans to 125,000 and growing, a single video on YouTube has been viewed nearly 100,000 times in two months, and they maintain a very active Tumblr page where truckers share stories of their experiences using their product.

How he got here was by embracing the tools available to him, listening to his clients, and building a community focused on their vendors and end-users alike.

In This Episode

How engaging with a single-item purchaser can lead to a major corporate contract
Why getting your customers to talk to EACH OTHER using your social platforms means more business in the long run
How being openly proactive in anticipating problems with your product leads to better customer loyalty
Why connecting with people outside your industry is just as important as connecting internally
Why taking the leap with CRM/SRM technology is a long, terrifying, and productive process


Quotes From This Episode

“We’re not only talking to one guy in his truck, but now we’re talking to a fleet of 400 trucks.” —@NeilTolbert


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