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It’s Simpler Than You Think

John Yorke is a Golden Globe Award-winning producer and business storytelling consultant in addition to being the founder of the BBC’s Writer’s Academy and the author of “Into the Woods: A Five Act Journey Into Story.”

“Into the Woods” dissects the common underlying narrative of some of the most historically successful stories across drama, philosophy, business, and politics, and takes the work of our favorite authors here at the Business of Story one step further.

From his extensive expertise in the world of television and drama, John shares the tools he has identified and developed during his thirty-year career that business leaders can implement to create a stunning, simple, and successful narrative.

In This Episode

Mirror neurons and how they cause story to work on our brains
How business communicators can be more effective with their stories.
What happens when you realize that all business stories are quests
Three big mistakes we make as business storytellers and how we can quickly overcome them


Quotes From This Episode

“Stories forge a common bond with the person you’re addressing, and you understand how the world is seen from outside yourself.” —@johnyorke123

“Strategy is everything and strategy is the equivalent of the goal. What does the character want? He wants the lost ark. What does the business want? It wants to be the biggest microchip industry in North America. How are we going to get there? Well, that is the strategy.” —@johnyorke123

“Storytelling works much more powerfully when the message is inferred.” —@johnyorke123 (highlight…

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