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Ardath Albee - InstagramIt’s All About the Customer

Ardath Albee, author, persona creator, and digital story strategist, was running a tech start-up in 2000, during the first-ever iteration of marketing automation. Companies came to her frustrated that their websites, which were just a copy of their company brochure slapped up online, weren’t getting any traction. Ardath began helping brands revise their content to actually speak to their customers.

Sure enough, they started to see change happen.

From there, Ardath worked with non-tech companies who were dealing with the same problems. In 2007, she started her own business creating a career out of her passion: helping B2B companies tell better stories around their complex sales, build great personas, and develop content marketing strategies that actually turn prospects into buyers and convince customers to stay.

Ardath joins us on the Business of Story to share the amazing wisdom she has gleaned from her 30+ years of marketing insight. We dive into her latest book, “Digital Relevance,” and bring you actionable tips to start truly knowing your customers, as Robert McKee says, in a godlike way.

In This Episode

Why your personas are critical to the complex B2B sell
How the “pronoun shift” will have a profound impact on the relevance of your content
What the Greek legend of Narcissus has to do with your brand
Why it’s important to turn one-off campaigns into serial business stories for true customer engagements
Tips to start creating your own buyer and customer personas
Ardath’s Relevance Maturity Matrix and how to make the shift to being relevant in the marketplace


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