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Wondering how your business can get more out of LinkedIn?

Want to make sure you’re maximizing your LinkedIn presence?

LinkedIn has a number of features that will work together to promote your business and its products.

In this article you’ll discover how to create an integrated LinkedIn marketing presence for your business.

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#1: Get on the Map With Company and Showcase Pages
If you want to spread awareness for a new product line, create a content hub for company news, publish employee success stories or distribute hiring resources to attract new talent, LinkedIn company and showcase pages can help you align your efforts.

Create a Company Page

The first step to establishing a LinkedIn presence for your business is to create a company page. Talk to key stakeholders within your company and gather the following materials and information:

A high-resolution company logo and cover banner (no larger than 2 MB and 646 x 220 pixels)
An approved written company description (up to 2,000 characters)
A list of relevant keywords for the company specialty section
General company information (industry type, organization size, URL, etc.)

You’re now ready to set up your company page. On LinkedIn, hover over the Interests tab and select Companies from the drop-down menu. On the right side of the page, look for the Create a Company Page section and click the yellow Create button.

You’re prompted to enter your name and company email address. LinkedIn will send you a verification email to ensure you’re an official representative of your company.

After you verify your email address, upload your compan…

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