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Randy Frisch - Instagram (1)Enabling Bigger Sales Through Better Marketing

As we move through the first quarter of 2016, the predicted marketing trends from the end of 2015 are beginning to emerge.

In today’s hosts-only show, Randy and Chris explore Oracle Marketing Cloud’s Predictions for the State of Marketing in 2016, and discuss a key trend predicted by Matt Heinz and several other thought leaders: Sales enablement.

While many marketers throw away that term, claiming it doesn’t relate to them, Randy and Chris argue that it’s a huge part of a marketer’s responsibility.

Why, you ask? Well, with content marketing on the rise and so much content available, it’s the marketer’s job to ensure that the right content is given to the right customer at the right part of the funnel. That’s because content shock isn’t just a term that applies to consumers and marketers, but also to the sales reps using it to sell products and services. Randy and Chris suggest tools and resources that can make this easier for you.

At the end of the day, these two teams are closely linked, whether they like it or not. And when sales are low, marketers need to take a long hard look at those numbers and figure out where they contributed. Being a prolific content creator just makes it that much more imperative to support your work by backing up your sales team.

In This Episode:

Why “micro-marketing” is a new requirement for the job
How marketers can help your sales reps
How to create and use an asset catalog to your advantage
How to increase communication and transparency between your sales and marketing teams
Creating and using best tools to hel…

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