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Do you want more exposure for your blog?

Have you tried curating articles written by influencers?

Roundup posts help you gain the attention of influencers who can increase the reach of your content.

In this article I’ll share five steps to creating a curated blog post.

Listen to this article:

#1: Choose a Topic
To select a subject for your post, start by researching popular topics covered by your competitors.

Make a list of three to five individuals or companies that share your area of expertise. Then, go to Buzzsumo.com, type in the name or URL for each competitor and click search. The results let you see their most successful articles.

For example, a search of Social Media Examiner shows two of their most successful posts are about tools.

After you search a few more companies, identify a common topic you want to feature in a curated post.
#2: Identify Influencers to Feature
After you choose your subject, strategically target experts to feature in the blog post.

First, go over to Followerwonk, click on Search Bios and enter your topic keyword. This free tool lets you see the most influential Twitter users relative to your topic or keyword.

Next, click the Social Authority tab to sort your list by who has the most influence. Ideally you want to target individuals with high authority and a large number of followers. I suggest individuals rather than companies, since people tend to be more responsive.

For instance, on the topic of social media tools Ian Cleary has a high social authority and a large Twitter following.

Finally, go back to Buzzsumo. This time, run a search for your topic. This is how you find the mos…

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