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Are you looking for new content to share to your fans and followers?

Have you considered Reddit as a source for valuable content?

Using Reddit will reveal unique and interesting content that helps you stand out from the crowd.

In this post you’ll discover how to use Reddit for content curation and inspiration.

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#1: Find Subreddits in Your Niche
Many marketers already know Reddit is useful for discovering content, but browsing its individual communities, called subreddits, can be time-consuming. Fortunately, you can make that task easier if you create a multireddit, which is a custom dashboard of content around a particular topic.

First, you need to find subreddits you want to include in your multireddit, and compile a master list of subreddit names, organized by topic.

Discover Relevant Subreddits

There are thousands of active subreddits, so it’s important to find those that share the best content in your niche. Here are some easy ways to search for relevant subreddits:

The subreddit search box lets you search for all subreddits related to a keyword (for example, fitness).

Use the Reddit site search to find site-wide mentions of your keyword, plus a list of subreddits where the term appears most frequently.

You can use advanced search operators to focus your search.

You can also combine advanced operators. For example, I did a search for posts with “paleo” in the title on the r/xxfitness subreddit. I then sorted the results by New to see the most recent posts.

To perform granular searches, use the Boolean operators AND, OR and NOT (or the minus symbol). You can also group keywords…

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