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Jeffrey L Cohen - InstagramFinding the Most Effective Blogging Format

In addition to his work as Director of Content Strategy at Oracle Marketing Cloud, Jeff has worked as an author, strategist, marketer, speaker, and blogger. He co-authored “The B2B Social Media Book” back in 2012 and brings his specialist insight into B2B marketing strategy to the Content Pros Podcast.

Jeff discusses the pros and cons of the controversial gated content topic, sharing valuable ideas from both sides of the debate. He also offers insight and advice on the content we never gate: blog posts—including the most effective formatting for your buck.

Besides strategy, Jeff offers us a sneak peek into some brand new pieces of content to be released in 2016, which include the top content marketers’ predictions of what will have the most impact in 2016. The kicker in these types of big content is that each prediction has to be backed by a solid piece of data.

Stay tuned for that valuable eBook and, in the meantime, enjoy Jeffrey L. Cohen’s great insights into effective content marketing strategy.

In This Episode:

Exploration of the controversial “Content Gate”
The most effective ways to format blog posts
How to use channel and asset as indicators of gating preference
Why the funnel isn’t really dead
Why lead generation shouldn’t actually be our total focus
Why data is so crucial and too oft forgotten
Where to find the best data-backed predictions for 2016


Quotes From This Episode:

“You want to atomize your content. So if you have your gated piece at the center, everything else you do around it is ungated, but is derived from that and drives people back to it…

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