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Marketing From London to Arizona

Bryan Adams is a UK native who runs branches of his digital agency, Ph. Creative, in both London and Liverpool.

Over his twelve years as an author and digital marketer, Bryan has found that many of his European clients are focused on the tactics of digital marketing instead of the basic building blocks of story.

What does this lead to? Although many brands feature brilliant, innovative identities and stories, all too often they are afraid to take the risk to share them. (highlight to tweet)

In this first ever Business of Story simulcast podcast, Bryan and Park introduce new tools and resources to build your storytelling bravery.

 In This Episode

What “designed serendipity” is and how it can help your business
Defining your audience through personas
Using brand values and business objectives to delineate your story
Empathy mapping to connect with your audience
Giving yourself the permission to try storytelling


Quotes From This Episode

“Story is almost grassroots; it’s the essence of marketing, and I think it’s being overlooked—certainly on this side of the pond, which is why we are starting to focus on it.” —@Bryan_phc

“Those who tell and live the best stories will, I think, rule the world.” —@ParkHowell (highlight to tweet)

“It’s so frustrating for a team when you come up with a great authentic story and the client isn’t brave enough to put it out there or dilutes it until it loses it’s magic. It’s painful.” —@Bryan_phc

“Take the time to intimately understand and care about your audience. Really go through the idea of empathy mapping and connecting: understand how they think, how they feel, how you can make your brand experience easy, and how you can make it memorable. You’ve got the foundation to move forward and start to craft a story that actually resonates and means something.” —@Bryan_phc

“You have to put the audience, your customer, at the center of the story and in doing that, you have to understand the story that they are living (or at least the story they are telling themselves about your brand).” —@ParkHowell


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